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Copyright 2020: Will Hindsight Rule the Decade?
...or Will the ‘20s Really Roar Again!

A Look Into the 2019 Copyright Crystal Ball
How can we read the tea leaves?

Monkeys, Cheerleaders and the DMCA... Oh My!
A Case Law Roundup for 2017

How Hulk Hogan Body Slammed Gawker to the Mat
and, Rolling Stone Got Hammered for Being Sloppy

Sticky Fingers
Raiding the Copyright Cookie Jar
Part II

Sticky Fingers
Raiding the Copyright Cookie Jar
Part I

Hidden in Plain Sight:
For Everyone to See.

“The Dog Ate My Homework”
and other lame excuses offered by infringers.

Real Life Protection for Fictional Characters
And the Oscar goes to...

Celebrated Status: Protectable Interest or Sacrificial Lamb?
The right of publicity and how it works.

Derivative Works Under the Copyright Act
What you should know about an important right.

Funny Girl, Saddened by Court Ruling
Right of Privacy versus Freedom of Speech

Copyright Subpoena: Naming Names
New tools in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Recent Copyright Cases with International Issues
A compendium of 2002 cases in United States courts

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