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Representation and counsel is provided to litigants in civil litigation pertaining to arts, entertainment and media subject matters. Controversies have included copyright infringement and copyright ownership disputes. Related areas include, trademarks and unfair competition, deceptive trade practices, trade secrets, media and First Amendment concerns, rights of publicity, defamation and invasion of privacy, and online content and other Internet related problems.

Some examples of the kinds of clients and matters represented are:

Liaison counsel for motion picture screenwriter in connection with Guild arbitration seeking sequel and residual compensation due for derivative TV series.

Nationally known professional photographers in copyright disputes involving infringement and violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Web site design firm in prosecution of copyright infringement claim against former client concerning online work and content.

Local newspaper and its editor in defense of claims of copyright infringement and trade secrets misappropriation made by government entity.

Internationally known stock photography firm in prosecution of various arbitration and litigation matters pertaining to copyright infringement and lost property issues.

Literary agency in defense of claim by deceased author's heir to terminate ongoing commission arrangement.

Centerfold celebrity in prosecution of claims for infringement of her rights of publicity against swimwear catalog, and manufacturer of trading cards.

Nationally syndicated cartoonist in prosecution of claims for copyright infringement and unfair competition against major distributors of greeting cards, and sportswear.

Gospel music composer in prosecution of claims for copyright infringement and unfair competition against gospel performer and record production company.

Author of book in defense of claim by another author that footnote references attributing source, and other contributions, constituted copyright infringement.

Photographer's heir in prosecution of claim for copyright infringement against U.S. Postal Service arising out of unauthorized use of photographic image on a postage stamp.

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